After working for many years as an ESOL teacher Regina Ragon decided to travel to Latin America to see for herself what kind of life her students had before coming to the U.S. Regina traveled to Nicaragua in 2003 as a medical translator and decided that town members would know best what they needed and how others could help them. Regina asked the town of Potrillerios to form  communities where they could what their most pressing needs were and then worked with them to accomplish the goals they had set for their own. today towns and LACD work together to understand how together they can make a difference. 

    Today LACD works in several communities throughout Nicaragua building clinics, homes, self sustaining projects, sports teams, sewing groups, jewelry making teams and a scholar ship program for kids attending secondary school. The goal is for projects to be self sustaining. LACD now has nonproft NGO status in Nicaragua.

Regina Ragon



Organized LACD in 2003. Teaches at Dalton High School And is an Attorney specializing in Immigration Law.

Ronald Ragon

Vice President

Abdiel Sanchez

In country coordinator

Eli lives in Nicaragua and teaches computer classes, works with the sponsorship kids and coordinates visits from the United States.

 Judy Ragon


Gustavo Varela

Latin American Advisor

Gustavo advises the organization on in country issues.

Jennifer Ole